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Congratulations! You have received your job offer, but you’re a little disheartened, as you don’t feel the salary is a true reflection of your value to the business. It’s not unusual for salaries to be negotiated. That being said, I wouldn’t blame you if you hesitated to negotiate, in fear of jeopardising your offer.
Interviews are a nerve wracking-experience, knowing you’re being analysed whilst sat in front of potential your future boss is something that most of us find daunting. We all have questions that run through our minds during the interview.
The phone rings. It’s your recruiter. They’ve got news. You’ve got the job. Happy days! The previous incumbent doesn’t finish for a few weeks so you find yourself with the prospect of a couple of weeks to kill. Bliss.
Are you born between 1980 – 1995? Then you, are a Millennial. Millennials are tired of getting a bad rap. They’re fed up of being called lazy, entitled or high maintenance. They have grown up and many are now starting families.

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