What is our approach?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is no longer just ‘nice to have.’ We demonstrate a commitment to diversity, from ensuring that employees are happy and engaged in the workplace, to offering equal access to opportunities, D&I is at the forefront of our business agenda.

While much of the existing training that exists is helpful, we do not believe that it is meaningful or focussed enough for equipping Recruiters. We see an industry that wants to play it’s part but is not sure how. This is why we introduced our own group wide D&I bespoke course!

Find out more about the steps we’re taking as a business in our D&I Charter.

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How do we ensure diversity for clients?

Diversity to us means more than just than hiring people from underrepresented groups. We bias check ourselves and your processes, focussing on:

• Business case for diversity
• Different ways to engage diverse talent
• Utilising alternative sourcing channels
• Inclusive language
• Best practise

What can we do for you?

Statistics imply a significant relationship between diversity and competitive profile gains. If you lag behind your competitors in diversity, you will find it more difficult to attract top talent and build a good reputation among your employees.

Be – Be a D&I Advisor to Hiring Managers
Assess – Only assess candidates against the role requirements
Process Hacks – Rooney Rule = Incremental gains only
Create Toolkits – Draft interview questions/scoreboards to avoid bias